Fab Lab London closed its workspace in June 2017.
The two founders are now focused on other related initiatives.

Green Lab London - New generation Fab Lab

Ande Gregson, has founded a new venture Green Lab, an incubator and research facility located in a 4000 sq.ft site in Central London. We believe great design and sustainability can make our planet a better place to live. We design natural systems to solve problems, create more and use less, building circular systems that are resilient.

Green Lab offers access to a fully equipped Fab Lab, Material Lab (for bio plastics and material research), BSL 1 Bio Lab (Bateria, algae and mycelium research), Co-working space, studios and a 1000 sq.ft grow space for vertical farming, algae, insects, fermentation and marine based projects.

Green Lab is a new generation of Fab Lab empowering individuals and organisations to design sustainable solutions to complex urban food, water and waste challenges. We have numerous EU funded projects running and offer access for undergrad, post grad research, commercial research and general public access.

Membership enquiries and access to our facilities email grow@greenlab.org or visit greenlab.org

Tony Fish, under the banner of Fab Lab London is supporting a consortium project funded by the EU called InnovatiVET. It is an Erasmus + Strategic partnership VET Project. Project no. 2017-1-DK01-KA202-034250.

The objective of this project is to address the gap and develop the tools needed to IMPLEMENT the best teaching methodologies and thereby to improve the students skills in order to foster their employability.

The project is about innovation in VET sector and explored innovation in VET in the partners’ countries and provide tools, methodologies and evidence-gathering results for professionalization and development of VET sector, educators, trainers and staff. The profile web site is https://www.innovativet.eu/

The Project file can be access here.

If you are interested in this project please contact tony@fablablondon.org